This is a guest post from Bruce Skinner of who wants to tell us how to set up a virtual server using Google's Compute Engine - take it away Bruce.

Now that Compute Engine is open for everyone to use, I thought it'd be fun to do a demo of using Compute Engine to set up a cloud-based web server. That way you can see the process and then try it out for yourself. Ok, let's get started by pointing a browser to When you first come to the cloud console, you'll be prompted to create a new project. We're creating a test web server, so we'll call it Web Server Project

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The residents of Phoenix, Arizona count on a reliable source of energy to sustain their daily activities and keep cool during the hot Arizona summers. The transmission of energy from power lines to our homes is not something we worry about, but an elite team of SRP linemen does. They're a team of 10 highly trained experts who work on live power lines transmitting up to 500,000 volts. This is their story and, hopefully it highlights some of the extreme challenged my colleagues face as high voltage engineers.

Remember, they're trying to do this with direct physical contact from electricity running

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This post has been written by Andrew Scott - an IT consultant from Inverness and it explains the reasons why you should be looking at internet marketing, even if you arent an online company.

 Internet marketing is a trend that is on the rise and is being used by many business owners. This is because this type of marketing is beneficial due to it being cheap and convenient to use. It not only has benefits to a business but also to a customer as it is cheap and convenient to use than other forms of advertising.

There are days when you want to buy something from a shop and you are not able to

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The following article is by Ian Lackie of BusinessPort Ltd, based in Aberdeen, Scotland,. They specialise in business management consultancy and Shrepoint development. Please take some time to visit their website for more information. Today, Ian is going to be discussing the options when it comes to developing a business class website.

Most business owners understand the value of a good business website. However, as you plan and start developing a world class business website, your process needs to be a little more involved than just finding a local web designer, and then letting them do their

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It took a long time before people finally started putting their own photo on their sites. Today, however, you frequently see a mugshot of the site's owner either on the home page or on the about page, or in the case of blogs like this one on EVERY page.

Now, in my poinion, that's a very good thing. Your photo humanizes you for your visitors. People feel like they know you. Your words mean more to readers when they can see a photo of the person the words are coming from.

I recently saw some advice from a major web marketing firm who advised it is more important for your photos to make the

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There are literally dozens of factors that can affect your Internet connection an prevent it from performing at its optimum level, and, at the same time, these factors can cause the person using the connection to have a poor experience while using the Internet. It mostly happens that the Internet always becomes harder to get access to due to the fact the; there are no useful Internet services that could help the surfer to have good experience of the Internet. As an Aberdeen based IT engineer have been using the Internet for the past few years now, and I can say of what I’ve experienced myself

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Types of Web Hosting There are many types of web hosting designed for websites in the internet. Depending on which kind of business or website which you have will determine the kind of web hosting that you'll need. Web hosting options come as follows: Free Server There are various websites that offer free webpages or sites for individuals. They often offer a web page or two with an capability to post photos. Some are free or near free. Also, they are very user friendly. There is no need to become a computer genius to make use of one of these servers. Look at a website like Wordpress. You may... […]

My name is Robin Martins, and I’m a director in one of the largest print supply companies in Scotland – Ashgrove Trading. We are one of the top companies in the Peterhead area and we’ve been in business for over 25 years, serving the print, architectural, oil and gas and sign manufacturing industries. When I was contacted by HP to see if I would like to be part of their distributor program, I said, “Of course” . We own four HP Latex  large format printing machines, so I was very happy to see what the new technology is going to be able to do for us and how it is developing to help our business.... […]

Winter somehow seem to be the time when marriage proposals get made. Valentine's Day is, of course, the grand finale of the season: and its no surprise, therefore that diamond rings sell like crazy throughout the winter months. Couples who get engaged in the winter usually choose to get married sometime in the summer. That's quite a crush of people deciding to get married at about the same time. A couple certainly has to plan ahead to engage the services of all the professionals who will be contributing to the wedding. If they leave that off for later, they'll find that it is very hard to get

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Ask any business 'guru' and they will tell you that satisfied customers are the key to success for any jewellery retailer. Unhappy customers will stop buying even the finest gemstone jewellery  and can even give you a bad reputation. The very best way to effectively ensure positive reviews is, as you might imagine, to  give the very best possible customer service. To keep your present customer happy, and bring in new ones, its important that you follow this simple advice.... Only if a shop (or indeed and business) provides the very best products and quality services will it become profitable.... […]