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How To Find The Right Dedicated Server

Types of Web Hosting There are many types of web hosting designed for websites in the internet. Depending on which kind of business or website which you have will determine the kind of web hosting that you’ll need. Web hosting options come as follows: Free Server There are various websites that offer free webpages or sites for individuals. They often offer a web page or two with an capability to post photos. Some are free or near free. Also, they are very user friendly. There is no need to become a computer genius to make use of one of these servers. Look at a website like WordPress. You may get a website there that is totally free. You can add photographs, blogs, messages, video clips and actually music. The stipulation is definitely that this is for social purposes only, or is supposed to be. This is a good example of a free website. In the meantime, you are limited to space and what type of content material you can post. The website does not belong to you, but rather to WordPress. Now suppose you would like to sell products online. You can use a cheap shared server that offers you an opportunity to setup your website for free. They may actually provide templates. You will have to get a domain name, such as LeasingExperts.co.uk┬áIn the case of a free shared server, you will be sharing your website with other websites. You’ll be limited to space in addition to bandwidth. You cannot have a large number of people go to your site within an hour as it will need up too very much bandwidth. This could be ideal for small company that sells hardly any products online. For the time being, your website will most likely have a number of advertisements that are placed on the website by the company to earn the revenue had a need to maintain your site. Shared Server A shared server can be like a free server just you have to pay a little bit each month to maintain your website. You will still have to come up with a domain name. Dedicated Server A dedicated server hosts only your website and no others. You have all the space you have to make your website as large as you need. You have enough bandwidth to accommodate all the traffic you will get. You have total control over the ads that you place on your website. You may also have several little affiliate marketer websites to create up for the difference in cost. A dedicated server may be the ultimate in internet hosting. You are in fact hosting your own internet site. You have got space, bandwidth and freedom from what you want. A separate server, while costing additional money to use, could possibly end up helping you save money, or increasing your revenue, if used properly.

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