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Does Blog Commenting Still Work In 2020?

Blog commenting has taken bad hit recently. It has been so easy to create fly-by-night blogs and to comment spam other blogs that there is just too much junk being created all around the blogosphere.

If, like my web design company,  you have experienced using WordPress, you know what I’m talking about. You would tend to receive a lot of junk comments if you are in the more popular niches like make-money, health, or dating.

Nevertheless, blog commenting still holds a lot of potential if you do it right. Blogs tend to have a life of their own since the owner is does their own promotion for their site. That means if you participate in a popular blog, your backlinks tend to get exposed to increasing traffic in the long run as well as get more link juice.

In the spirit of Evergreen SEO, remember that if we create spam we get junk in return. On the other hand, if we participate nicely, we’ll get gold that lasts forever.

Basic Evergreen SEO Principles for Blog Participation

  1. Multiple comments each. Traditional blog comment SEO usually teaches you to find a blog, post a nice comment, find another blog, post a nice comment, rinse and repeat as fast as you can to get as many backlinks as you can. It’s a little conspicuous if you ask me that your website has exactly one inbound link each coming from a lot of different sites and I believe Google is picking up on this. Participate by commenting on different posts on the blog, replying to other posts, and replying to replies on your posts.
  2. Build a relationship with the owner. Think of blog participation as building a relationship with the owner. If you keep on commenting on the same blog, the owner of the website would tend to get familiar with you. This then could lead to a potentially fruitful relationship in the future (JV, guest posting, business partnerships).
  3. An interaction between people. Blogs, unlike traditional websites, were designed primarily for individuals and not companies (except for news blogs). It functions like a personal online journal. Although corporations aren’t prevented from installing blogs, visitors respond more to personal blogs and subconsciously perceive corporate blogs as mere sales pitch channels. Blogs always have that personal appeal. Keep in mind that you are interacting with people when you participate in the blogosphere.

Evergreen SEO – Blog Participation Method

STEP 1: Find quality blogs to participate in.

What we need are high-traffic blogs which indicates the blog’s popularity. The usual indication of high-traffic blogs are the number of comments on the blog posts or, if available, the number of feed subscriptions. Be careful to scan the blog comments though to make sure that they are not just spam. A good 10-15 quality comments per blog post may indicate a very popular blog. Adjust accordingly depending on your niche.

Personally, I only participate on personal blogs and not company blogs. It’s my personal preference and my reasoning is that individuals who put up their own name out there have much more to lose if they don’t take care of their blog. These bloggers tend to put more effort keeping their blogs well-kept. This is just my preference though so feel free to participate on whichever blogs you are comfortable with.

I also don’t mind blogs that require registration or moderated comments. This is a good indication of quality blogs. You get no spam on these blogs and there are few competitions from other SEO practitioners.

The blog, for SEO purposes, should allow you to post your website (your name in the comment becomes the link). If the owner is not strict with outbound links in the comment itself, then that’s better.

You can go about finding these blogs in many ways.

  1. If you know the name of an expert in your niche, then simple do a search in Google with “their name” + blog as you search term.
  2. Do a search in Google with “your keyword” + “10..50 comments” as your search term. This means you’ll find blogs with posts that have 10-50 comments on them. You can adjust the numbers to indicate your desired range.
  3. Visit blog search engines like or and conduct your search there.

STEP 2: Post quality comments.

Register if required then make your comments. You can comment on several posts but don’t overdo it.

I suggest you join the blog’s RSS feed so that you can receive immediate updates on new posts. You can then go back and be the first to comment on them.

STEP 3: Expand to more blogs at a pace you are comfortable with.

Look for more blogs to post comments on. Blog commenting doesn’t require a lot of time to do so it’s quite reasonable to be able to keep track of many blogs at the same time.


As the core of Evergreen SEO, it’s all about honesty and hard work. Honesty and hard work to give quality content on the web is always rewarded with evergreen returns. Do good work and those in power who value goodness (i.e. Google’s policy after all is “Do No Evil”) would conspire to keep you on top.

When it comes to blog commenting, this aforementioned principle still holds. In the end, the only blogs that would remain standing are the quality ones. If you do blog commenting the Evergreen SEO way, you’ll be part of the success of those blogs in the end.


How To Become A Successful Network Marketer

Are you a network marketer or want to launch a network marketing campaign? You will be more successful if you avoid common mistakes. Keep reading to find out more about common network marketing mistakes.

Do not come across as pushy, conceited or fake. People will want to purchase your products and become a part of your network if they feel they can trust you and gain status by associating with you. You need to come across as a trustworthy, detail-oriented professional. You can achieve this by paying attention to your appearance and developing a strong online presence to document your achievements and share your advice and opinion on topics your customers will be interested in.

Your network will stagnate and disappear if you do not maintain it properly. Organize your network as a pyramid of concentric circles to determine how close you are to each customer or partner. People will slowly move toward the edges of your network if you do not contact them frequently, but be careful not to contact people too often to avoid annoying them. As you gain more experience, you will be able to determine how interested a customer really is and establish contact when needed.

Customers will lose interest if you do not offer new deals and new products on a regular basis. Keep looking for new products your existing customers will be interested in, and do your best to lower prices when possible. Release your new products strategically, for instance by waiting for the holiday season to launch a new product or organizing a contest to generate some anticipation for a new product. Get some feedback from your customers to select the best products available.

Your network is not limited to your customers. Your professional connections represent an important part of your network, even though most network marketers do not openly discuss these connections. You need to stay in touch with distributors, sellers and anyone who can help you locate quality products at low prices or new potential customers. Keep in mind that your customers can become professional connections if they have a large circle of friends who might be interested in your products too.

Avoid distractions when you are at work. It can be easy to get side-tracked and engage in personal conversations. You should always keep in mind that your goal is not to make friends, even though most of your customers will not make this distinction and consider you as a close friend once they get to know you. You can avoid distractions by timing your phone calls and planning on getting the contact information of a certain number of people for each event you attend. Take breaks when you need to and spend quality time with your friends and family to relax and interact with people without having to worry about selling your products.

You will become a successful network marketer if you avoid these common mistakes. You should set some goals for your campaign and monitor your results to increase your chances of becoming successful.



3 Ways To Develop And Manage Your Growing Custom Jewellery Business

Ask any business ‘guru’ and they will tell you that satisfied customers are the key to success for any jewellery retailer. Unhappy customers will stop buying even the finest gemstone jewellery  and can even give you a bad reputation. The very best way to effectively ensure positive reviews is, as you might imagine, to  give the very best possible customer service. To keep your present customer happy, and bring in new ones, its important that you follow this simple advice….

Only if a shop (or indeed and business) provides the very best products and quality services will it become profitable. When you offer products and services beyond those of your competitors, you will see a spike in sales and your jewellery business will grow quickly.

Customers will be more likely to refer your business if you provide them with the best possible experience so work hard at this aspect of your business. Success comes when you work hard and are determined to be the very best in your industry. Brainstorming with your employees is a great strategy and one that will help make decision making a lot less stressful. Making a list of pros and cons can you help to streamline the planning process and you can then clearly see which options are best for your jewellery business when you’re taking the time to organize your thoughts. Talking with a fellow jeweller  about your next move will always be a great idea to consider. The industry insight can often prove invaluable. In order for a jewellery retailer to survive, they have to have a large network of loyal customers. A great concept for new, upcoming businesses to grasp is that one of the most common traits of successful businesses that are in a position to span across multi-generations is that all of them are inclined to treat their customers like part of their family and, in turn, the customers are much more likely to return to that shop. Your online reputation can be severely impacted by a single negative review so keep a close eye on online review sites such as Yelp and Google+.

To reverse the impact of a negative review, you should use some of the web reputation management tools that are on the market – or, better still, seek out the help of an experienced professional. New employees will usually want to change your jewellery store when they arrive, so make sure that you offer positions to those who will have a positive impact on your business. Prior to a new staff member joining the business, make sure that he or she has the proper skill set to carry out the responsibilities required of them and ensure that they hold any required certifications. Take time to ensure that new employees are fully trained to be successful at their job and you will be rewarded with loyalty and, ultimately a better customer experience. For your jewellery business to take its place at the top of its industry, make an effort to employ highly motivated and content employees who have the distinct advantage of full training.

So, there you are, some simple but highly effective advice for helping to ensure you keep customers and expand your jewellery business. To see a great example of this in action, I recommend that you pop into Just Gems, a leading Aberdeen jeweller specializing in custom gemstones and high-end designer pieces.


A Wedding Planning Guide to Help Change your Mind

Winter somehow seem to be the time when marriage proposals get made. Valentine’s Day is, of course, the grand finale of the season: and its no surprise, therefore that diamond rings sell like crazy throughout the winter months. Couples who get engaged in the winter usually choose to get married sometime in the summer. That’s quite a crush of people deciding to get married at about the same time. A couple certainly has to plan ahead to engage the services of all the professionals who will be contributing to the wedding. If they leave that off for later, they’ll find that it is very hard to get anyone to agree to the dates they have in mind. What they need is a wedding planning guide. Even the most uncomplicated wedding arrangements involve a lot of planning if there are to be any more than a handful of guests. You have to choose who wears what, you have to choose where the wedding will be, the attendance, the invitations, the food transportation, the entertainment – the list can frankly be a source of anxiety and can alarm anyone. Your first instinct in all of this should be hiring a wedding planner.

It will be easy for you to see how much sense this makes when you go through the list of everything you are responsible for if you undertake to do it on your own. Not only does it take time to arrange for everything, it can cost you a lot of money. Sometimes, a DIY wedding may actually end up costing more than a wedding planner would charge. You’re likely to make mistakes, or overpay when you’re buying goods and services you have no experience buying. The stress of keeping up with all that goes into the making of a successful wedding itself can cost you an emotional price that’s just not worth it.

Perhaps, you’re telling yourself, that you don’t really have to have a wedding like they seem to show in those bridal magazines and in the movies. You don’t want your wedding to be a Hollywood movie set – although having a professional wedding video made is a sensible option if you can afford it. You don’t want flowers everywhere. But if you do want at least a couple of things that could count as luxuries – a location that’s kind of difficult to hire out, a cake that’s kind of unusual, or perhaps a string quartet – if you have any kind of special ideas in mind, to get a wedding planner would surely be the best advice you could be given.

Here’s a little something that no wedding planning guide will tell you – most brides experience a sense of anticlimax – a letdown after the excitement of the wedding. That’s just the way excitement of such intensity works. With an entire wedding’s worth of stuff to handle – things to clean, things to return, people to pay – that letdown is going to get worse. The best wedding planning advice you could ever receive would be to hire a professional planner. It could be the best investment you ever made in your sanity.


Why Your Customers Need Internet Marketing

This post has been written by Andrew Scott – an IT consultant from Inverness and it explains the reasons why you should be looking at internet marketing, even if you arent an online company.

Internet marketing is a trend that is on the rise and is being used by many business owners. This is because this type of marketing is beneficial due to it being cheap and convenient to use. It not only has benefits to a business but also to a customer as it is cheap and convenient to use than other forms of advertising.

There are days when you want to buy something from a shop and you are not able to do so as you find it closed and return home feeling disappointed .However this is not the case with internet marketing as you are able to shop at any time of the day due to there being no time restrictions. This means that you can shop anywhere and at any time of the day as long as you can access the internet. Advertising online for businesses does not require too much money compared to advertising in the electronic media, as all you may only need to do is create a web page. This is advantageous as they can use this money to ensure that their customer service is very good by training their employees to offer better service to their customers. It is also cheap for customers to shop online as they do not incur some expenses such as transportation costs.

When clients use online advertising they are able to stay updated. This is because they are frequently alerted on the deals and new products that are coming up the next season. They are also sent for via email or websites the prices of the new products that are on stock. This enables the customers to prepare themselves financially to be able to purchase these products. Another benefit of a customer using this type of advertising is that they can compare the services or products that they want to buy. This saves them transportation costs; time and energy as they do not have to visit different retail outlets. This is because all they have to do is open different window tabs and compare the features and prices of these products or services that they wish to purchase.

Most websites ensure that for them to get to their target audience they give a clear description of the services or products they offer. They also ensure that they give a clear pricing of the products or services they can give to the customers. This prevents cases of misinterpretation or one using a product inappropriately as they also give you the directions of using the product. It is very convenient and easy for customers to research for a product online than visiting a shop physically. Online advertising saves one time and energy as you do not have to search all over a shop to get a product but rather you can use search engines from the internet to find a particular product. This time and energy saved can then be utilized to do other more important activities.

Internet marketing is advantageous not only to businesses but also to customers. This is because it is easy and more convenient for customers to utilize. Therefore, it is advisable for companies to utilize internet marketing.


Building a Business Website That Works

The following article is by Ian Lackie of Azzurro Blu, based in Aberdeen, Scotland,. They specialise in business management consultancy and Shrepoint development. Please take some time to visit their website for more information. Today, Ian is going to be discussing the options when it comes to developing a business class website.

Most business owners understand the value of a good business website. However, as you plan and start developing a world class business website, your process needs to be a little more involved than just finding a local web designer, and then letting them do their job. Of course, its always a good idea to hire a competent web design team but you need to give them guidance and, like most thing business you really should try and have a backup plan. Knowing what kind of content management system you would like for your business would be one way to start. In fact, you shoudl look at this even if your business already has a website.

If your current website is difficult to manage, then I recommend that you consider a free, open-source content management system likeWordPress.

Lets look at a quick example of how things pan out for businesses that get stuck with an inflexible content management system that everyone in the company finds difficult to use. Axis Bank, a major bank in India, used a CMS that was developed in-house and was deeply featured, but was almost impossible to use. When the bank needed to make a simple change – say to amend a product – in one case they  decided to withdraw a credit card that they offered – then the employees found it very complicated to actually go in and simply delete the card. Eventually, the bank’s IT staff were able to go in and make a brief note on how the product was currently withdrawn – bit it was hardly an elegant solution to a simple problem. And from a customer usability standpoint it was, shall we say, less than ideal. Wiht a vast range of cards on offer, customers had look carefully at the card they were selecting in case thery went through the application process only to discover the card had been withdrawn. Ouch!.

Difficulties of this kind are all too commonplace when using content management systems that are not designed to be user-friendly. If you really want the best business website for your needs, then you should aim for something that really easy to go in and make edits to.

Luckily, there are a number of amazing and free web publishing platforms out there that you can use to build a world class business website. There’s WordPress of course. But there is also Tumbler, Blogger, Movable Type and TypePad, among many others. In fact, with recent advances in the platform you could even consider Facebook to be a blogging platform worth considering.

Other than WordPress though, these options don’t really work well for business. They all have some limitation or another – such as being proprietary and expensive, or having limited feature sets. WordPress, on the other hand, is free, and it doesn’t hold yoou back with a a limited feature set. It can be easily used to help you build the business website that you dream of, and also the best business blog.

The WordPress platform is perfect for business for a number of reasons. The platform is very well set up for easy SEO. There’s built-in commenting, everything is easy to update, there are plug-ins by the hundred to help you achieve nearly anything you want, and you can find support all around in a very WordPress robust community.